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Image for article titled Order your repeat prescriptions in plenty of time! Order your repeat prescriptions in plenty of time! Due to the Spring Bank Holiday, repeat prescriptions need to be ordered by Monday 20th May 2024. Read more... 15/05/2024 Image for article titled Dementia Action Week Dementia Action Week Across West Sussex during this year’s Dementia Action Week there are several events to choose from for people to attend. Read more... 14/05/2024 Image for article titled Prescription Requests By Phone Prescription Requests By Phone Our practice no longer has a dedicated prescription line and we are unable to take prescription requests by telephone. Read more... 26/03/2024 Image for article titled Ask your pharmacy first! Ask your pharmacy first! Learn more about the Pharmacy First Service 06/02/2024 Image for article titled Smoking Smoking Smoking is not permitted either within the Practice premises or in the Practice car park. 02/01/2024 Image for article titled Understanding Teenage Behaviour Course Understanding Teenage Behaviour Course Do you find it hard to understand your teenager’s behaviour? - Learn More 30/11/2023 Image for article titled Protect your child Protect your child Vaccines give them the power to fight preventable childhood diseases. 23/05/2023